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Sorghum and Spear

About Us



The Eternal Realm grew from the will of the gods; a paradise and playground to satisfy their curiosities, fantasies and whims.


The old world echoed with their voices, and the denizens of the Realm revered them all.  Great followings grew in strength and number, exalting the words of their mystic masters through both worship and war.


Then one day, one by one, the voices dwindled. Then grew silent altogether.


The Realm spiraled into chaos, as the upheaval cast humankind into and age of ruin and despair.


And then there was The Call.


The All-Mother, Eshe, called out to the An'Fre people, and in her voice, there was harmony.  There was power.  There was peace.


In a short time, the An'Fre progressed under a new Golden Age of splendor and successes.  Miracles surrounded them, as their works and new society became a beacon of renewed hope and purpose.


Nevertheless, in this cascading light, the wisps of malevolent shadows still crept in from the edges. 


Slowly, and surely it came to extinguish the Light that had driven it so far away. 


And now, darkness descends on the capital of Ngolo-Ade.

The Team

The People behind Sorghum and Spear

Dedren Snead

Story and Dialogue

Timothy Geathers

Art Director

Welington Nommo

Featured Artist

Nichelle Nichols

Executive Producer


Executive Producer

Neidra Bailey

Graphic Design + Format

Contributing Artists

Timothy Geathers

Welinthon Nommo

Cheunchin Bunnag

Bryan Syme

Kassandra Vasquez

Bicio Fuentes

Neidra Bailey

Everette Brown

William Dixon