Anthology Call

(Accepted Submission Update 5/29/20)

SUBSUME Media, a content agency,  is accepting submissions for its first anthology, Title TBD "Sorghum & Spear: The Way of Silk And Stone."


We are looking for original works that fit the inclusive fantasy world of our comic book series, featuring young girls and women of all walks of life as they are influenced by their roles in the Forever War. 

Sorghum and Spear

The Way of Silk and Stone

The tenet, “Pray for Peace but Prepare for War.” is weaved deep into the culture of the An’Fre women. Sorghum & Spear speaks to the global diaspora, African, Latin, Asian and Indigenous. Stories that highlight or reveal a new perspective of fantasy in this rich, inclusive world are ideal. We seek works that explore love in all its forms, diversity, fate vs choice, self-discovery, and supernatural talents, and original works that portray the strength, sisterhood, and diversity of women—hallmarks of our world-building efforts. Given the unique guidelines of our world, we ask that you review Sorghum & Spear and its world-building rules carefully prior to submission. 



Special consideration will be given to women and writers of color whose personal stories may additionally lend to their storytelling.


Our PDF copy of the World Building Guide and a complimentary digital copy of the Sorghum & Spear: Simadan comic are available via email request at with the subject “ATTN: S&S Reference Request”. 

World Building Guide is also available here at under the UPDATES tab.

Status of Submissions:

Author Updates May 29th 2020

Expected Publication:  Fall 2020

Anthologist and Sorghum & Spear Creator: Dedren Snead 

Editor: Sheree Renée Thomas 


ORIGINAL FICTION length: 2000 to 7,500 words 

Payment: 0.06 cents per word + contributor copy 

Genres: Fantasy written with a shared world 


Full Sorghum & Spear world guidelines and complementary digital comic copy available upon request at with email subject “ATTN: S&S Reference Request”.

Email submissions inquiries to: 

No simultaneous submissions. No multi-submissions for short fiction. 

Please use standard manuscript formatting when submitting your work:


Rights and Compensation: Payment: 0.06 per word for original fiction and a paperback copy of the anthology from SUBSUME Media.


We are looking for previously unpublished works in English.

Seeking first world rights in English and non-exclusive right to continue to publish for the life of the anthology.

Submission method: Upload story as .doc or .rtf to

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