Outland Entertainment will be partnering with SUBSUME Meida to release our 78 page graphic novel in a hardcover print and in digital format. This is a one-book deal for distribution and IP development.

For a young farm girl NAMAZZI who dreamed of escaping the sleepy farm village of her birth, her life would be forever changed the day that a band of monsters came looking for her.

SORGHUM & SPEAR is an inclusive Speculative Fantasy comic and Anthology series set in the Eternal Realm of ORUN AYE, where a race of warrior women, known as the ANF’RE, have fought against a legion of demons to protect a rare artifact called the LIFESEED. Guided by their maternal goddess ESHE, THE ALL-MOTHER, they have found a rise in power of their foes known as the ABIKU. As the tides of the FOREVER WAR now threatens to end their people, they call upon the last generation of girls to use their hidden powers and skills to save their world and their way of life, The Way of SILK AND STONE.

SORGHUM & SPEAR is scheduled to be published later in 2021

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