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With the wonderment (pun intended) of the Wonder Woman film along with the growing momentum behind the Nubia character of her canon buzzing about, it was a natural thought that our own leading lady, Namazzi of Sorghum & Spear, and Nubia have some like qualities on and off the comic page. No small coincidence, given our saga was inspired by the Dahomey warrior women of West Africa.


So we wanted to not just honor their connection of physical strength and battle prowess, but the common thread of resilience, empowerment and their abilities to inspire the best in others around them.


This is the separated image of Sorghum & Spear's Namazzi character, with the title "SISTER" as an exclusive image print of the 3 part "Sister Strengh" art series.


Art by Welinthon Nommo


11 x 17 Glossy Print Heavy Stock Poster

"Sister Strength" 11 X 17 Art Print

$15.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
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