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Journeyer, put down your sword and shield, and fill your mind with umum, the magic of The Eternal Realm of Orun Aye!    


Edited by New York Times Best-Seller, Neebula award and NAACP award-winning powerhouse Shere Renée Thomas, the inaugural anthology of SORGHUM & SPEAR brings the wonder and adventures of this celebrated fantasty world together in one incredible colllection.


From sunlit savannahs, to the rolling fields of bright-stemmed sorghum, to the sharp cliffs and lush, green mountaintops, the Eternal Realm unfolds; a mysterious map of memory. magic and legends.


Opening with a foreward from acclaimed writer and journalist Nisi Shawl, along with a dedication poem from brilliance of Linda Addison,  this is the first anthology based on the Sword and Soul world SORGHUM & SPEAR, created by Dedren Snead, and the fantasy legacy of the An'Fre women.


Colleen Anderson, Eugen Bacon, Oghenchovwe Donald Ekpeki, J.S. Emuakpor, Valjeanne Jeffers, Zelda Knight, Allicia McCalla, Sarah A. Macklin, G. Dean Manuel, Violette L. Meier, Teresa Schile, Dedren Snead and Kenesha Williams.


Also included in this edition is the first look of the ESHEWE language, showcasing years of phonetic and language research, to enrich the story world of SORGHUM AND SPEAR for creators and readers alike.



Page Count: 340 pages





Sorghum & Spear Anthology - The Way of Silk And Stone

SKU: SNS10021
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