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Welcome to the world of SORGHUM & SPEAR, with a prequel tale of a young farm girl named Namazzi and the women of Marduri village, nestled high on top of Mount Juleh.  The day of SIMADAN is a celebration of harvest, growth and a simple decision for Namazzi and her friends; to remain in their hidden village or leave for the unknown world below, never to return.  The young girls of the village ponder their choices as the day becomes much more fateful than they could have imagined.


Nominated for SIX Glyphy awards, we proudly offer our 24 page store-quality print run that sets the stage for our upcoming graphic novel, which will not be included as an exclusive to our Kickstarter and storefront backers.  Own this exclusive look into our Sword & Soul experience!

Sorghum & Spear: Simadan - Prequel Comic Book

SKU: SNS10001
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